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Mario Brkulj

Vice President

Mario Brkulj is a Vice President at MacDougall Biomedical Communications with 15 years of experience in life sciences communications, including investor and media relations, and journalism. Prior to joining MBI in 2015, Mario was Associate Director of Corporate Communications and Investor Relations at MorphoSys AG, a leading biopharmaceutical company in the monoclonal antibody space. During his time at MorphoSys, the Company evolved from a micro-cap fee-for-service oriented business predominantly owned by retail investors and institutions in Europe towards a fully-integrated drug development organization with a market cap of around €2 billion and a strong US healthcare investor base. As part of the Corp.Comm. & IR team, Mario was responsible for all aspects of corporate external communications and investor relations. Before MorphoSys, Mario was Company News Editor at Berlin-based BIOCOM AG, publisher of the leading German trade publication ”transkript”, and News Editor Central and Eastern Europe for the magazine “European Biotechnology News”. Mario graduated from Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg with a Bachelor’s degree in biology.
5 things you always wanted to know about Mario:

Only in Munich for the weekend? You've got to...
see a match of Germany’s most famous soccer club, the FC Bayern Munich, in the staggering Allianz Arena, if you are lucky to get tickets.

Five mainstream movies I would jump on a long-haul flight for...
would be Out of Sight with Clooney and the then still lovely JLO, any one of three Star Wars movies that exist so far, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inception and finally Deja Vu with Denzel Washington, or… didn’t I already say this?

Back in the day, I was...
a biologist by training, a freelance journalist covering digital entertainment and academic research alike and a full-time journalist covering the German-speaking biotech industry.

How do we pronounce your family name...
It starts off easy with a [br] as in bridge, before it gets kind of ugly with the, coincidentally typical German, Umlaut Ue [yu]. For the second part start saying “cool” before you swallow your tongue to end on a [ch] as in chair. [Bryucoolch] - there you go! And worry not, I'm pretty resilient to mistakes, though not to jokes.

Oh, and could you just fix my faucet, real quick, before you leave...
Nope, sorry. I share his first name but I’m not Italian, don’t wear red dungarees and I’m no plumber, either. But the “Super” does apply to me too... sometimes.