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Kara Mazey

Account Executive

Kara Mazey is an Account Executive at MacDougall Biomedical Communications. At MBI, she assists the media relations team by providing both administrative and client support. With a passion for strategic communications and impactful innovation, she enjoys being a part of the fast-paced and high-energy of the biotechnology industry. Prior to joining the MacDougall team, Kara worked as an intern for CBS News, New York and Pittsburgh Magazine where she discovered her love for public relations and corporate communications. She also worked as a freelancer – leading several successful social media campaigns and creative, digital projects. Kara graduated from Grove City College with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies.
5 things you always wanted to know about Kara:

My dream pet is...
a white-tailed deer.

If I get stuck on an island, it better...
have lots of books and coffee flavored ice cream.

On the weekends, you can find me...
at one of the best brunch spots in Boston OR wherever the Blue Light Bandits are playing.

If I didn’t have to work on Tuesday, I would...
eat breakfast in bed, watch the TODAY show, head to the Museum of Fine Arts, see a concert at The Sinclair and then indulge in an absurd amount of tortilla chips with queso blanco dip.

My secret ambition is...
to own a brewery that also functions as an art gallery and live music venue.