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Jennifer Conrad

Director of Project Management

Jennifer Conrad is Director of Project Management at MacDougall Biomedical Communications. In 2014, following eight years of client account management, Jen decided to switch careers within the company, and was thankful that her colleagues were game. Her re-invention involved helping to develop project management as a dedicated role at MBI to help ensure that our projects are well-managed and delivered to clients on-time and on-budget. Prior to becoming a Project Manager, Jen was an Account Manager at MBI, where she provided an array of communications services for her clients, including branding and positioning, marketing communications, media relations and strategy, technical and scientific communications, event planning, conference and publication strategy and corporate materials development. Prior to joining MBI in 2006, Jen completed her Master's degree in health communication from a joint program at Emerson College and Tufts University School of Medicine. Jen received a Bachelor's degree in communication studies from James Madison University.
5 things you always wanted to know about Jen:

I tend to anthropomorphize my...
older home, which we’re constantly renovating and updating. It is passive-aggressive. Sometimes, just plain aggressive.

If I get stuck on an island, it better be...
one of the Florida Keys – even better if it’s Islamorada.

I've read almost everything ever written by...
Richard Russo and Barbara Kingsolver.

My last meal...
french fries, a margarita, a block of good cheese, dark chocolate and key lime pie. Yes, all in one meal.

Super powers are cliché, I just wish I could...
keep my email inbox under control.