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Eric Hodenpel

Director of Accounting

Eric Hodenpel is Director of Accounting at MacDougall Biomedical Communications. Since joining MBI in 2015, Eric has leveraged his background in project accounting and multi-company/multi-currency financial systems to support a dynamic and growing team. His past experience includes accounting support for a variety of professional service firms ranging from architecture to design/engineering. Eric graduated from Bentley University with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting Information Systems.
5 things you always wanted to know about Eric:

If I didn't have to work on Tuesday I would...
take my daughter to the park.

If I could, I'd donate my fortune to...
The Human Fund (Seinfeld joke).

Five albums I can't live without:
The Roots “Things Fall Apart”
Mos Def/Talib Kweli “Black Star”
Outkast “Aquemini”
A Tribe Called Quest “The Low End Theory”
Logic “Under Pressure”

My first car was a...
1993 Mitsubishi Eclipse Turbo.

My last meal...
Korean BBQ.