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Corporate Comm. / Creative Services

As an emerging player in the pre-clinical drug discovery space, Beryllium needed to craft a new brand that would properly tell the next chapter in their story. Beryllium excels in developing integrated partnerships spanning the spectrum of large pharma to virtual biotechs and needed new brand identity to reflect their modern, mature approach to the market.

Corporate Communications

Beryllium asked MBI to develop a strategic plan to overhaul the brand and reintroduce the company to the market. We started by crafting a new company statement before developing new brand elements, including a logo, marketing materials and a website.


The redesigned mark is an evolution of their brand highlighting the four components of Beryllium's process – collaboration, experience, insights and solutions. The logo is also a nod to Beryllium's past and its foundation (formerly known as Emerald Bio). With clean lines and a custom typeface and color, the logo highlights the modernity of the company and its approach to collaborative drug discovery.

Visual Messaging

Along with the website redesign, we created a series of custom images that strengthened the core concepts based on Beryllium's expansive service offerings.


Our approach to this facet of the Beryllium brand story was to utilize a stark, monochromatic design to capture and frame the brand's essence: reshaping the future of drug discovery. Our long-form, minimalist execution served as the foundation for a high-science aesthetic—bringing a sense of style to an industry full of "sameness." The site,, succeeds in standing out front of competitive websites: balancing form and function through an elegant user experience, as well as a seamless responsive mobile user interface, while maintaining the integrity of the content and spirit of the brand.